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Approve Google Adsence With In 24 Hours 2018 (Legal way with proof)

Approve Google Adsence With In 24 Hours 2018 (Legal way with proof)

Hey guys this is Shivansh and you reading post on technical trick YouTube channel official website.

I am telling in this  post how to approve your AdSense with in 24 hours  hundred percent legal way
not using any illegal trick. This  trick is 100% working on Google Blogger or wordpress you can use
this trick on both platform.

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If you don’t know  English you can watch the video  which location and top of the post.

Some most common and Powerful trick to approve your AdSense account is mainly depend on
2 topics

How many pages need to approve your AdSense account ?

Guys you need  must 5 pages in your blog if you are not make 5 days AdSense does not approve
your account so please make 5  page to approve your account of AdSense very easy you can make
AdSense account but not get upload so make 5 pages on your blog or website.

1)You can make first page of about your website you can  take name of the page like about us or
about website or about content


2) you can make second page of disclaimer page. Disclaimer page is necessary for SEO and
necessary for approve your AdSense account so you make disclaimer page and get your website
to top rank and approve your AdSense account.

3)You can make third phase of privacy  policy page. privacy policy page is must for SEO and your
approve AdSense account without policy ways you can not approve your AdSense account so go
and make your privacy policy page on your blog you can use privacy policy generator you can find
privacy policy generator on Google search you get a more website of privacy policy generator  which
generate a best privacy policy for your website or  blog its work on wordpress or Google Blogger its
mean its work on both platform.

4) you can make  fourth page of your website which name contact us.  you can insert in this page
your all contact detail  ( if you want to show on your website)  or give your social  link on this page
for connect people with you and this is a best for your audience and approve of your Google AdSense
account with 24 hours and you make contact page your audience is  believe on you and think this is
a hundred percent and real website of internet.

5) you can make first page of your website which totally depend on you because this page you can
make like about technical trick or Shivansh Shukla. Its mean you need to make 5th Page you can
make everything of your 5th page

How many post need to approve your AdSense account

Guys you need minimum 25 post on your blog or website is work on both platform like wordpress or Google Blogger 25 is a minimum post number you make maximum post and maximum post number is  infinite its mean you must need 25 fresh and non copyright  post for your blog or website. remember that your 25 post is not copied from any other website or blog because Google is crawl your post then Google easily find your copied post and your AdSense account is not approved so I will request you please make 25 fresh and clean  post and approve your AdSense account easily minimum is 25 maximum is  infinite

I hope your problem is 100% solved and your AdSense account is approved if you want any question
on your mind to ask with me so comment below I will reply in 24 hour  or you go on my website
contact us page you can get a different kind of link or my email ID you can contact me from here

Thanks for reading this article if you need more help or like this article you can save my website on
your bookmark and visit daily you can get new think about technology on learning how to tutorials .
Good bye take care we are meet in next post and exciting post of this website

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