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Best Domain Name Selection for Blog

Choosing the name of the blog or the Domain Name is your first step towards the journey of blogging. Before starting any business, we think its name. Which will go ahead and identify you? He is also called branding. Take the example of Apple or Blackberry. Before these two companies started, people knew these two names according to just one fruit. But now Apple and Blackberry are a brand. If you say someone to Apple, then he’ll know the name of the company. Why is that name so popular that has happened. Blogging is also a kind of business, and it also requires branding.


If you are serious about blogging and want to earn money, then you have to choose a domain name that is easy to remember and the most different. Your domain name was selected in a hurry and after some days you did not like it. If you take a new domain again, it means that you have to start all the work in advance. Your first blog will be indexed in Google, and you will lose all your hard work. Before your second blog is ranked, your first blog rank will be.

In the course of blogging, you will learn a lot of things and this journey is very adventurous. But you have to start well with it. In today I will tell you how to choose a better domain name for your blog, which will help you build a good brand.

What is Domain Name?

The name we use to visit any website, it is called a domain name. Every day hundreds of thousands of crores of domain names are purchased in the WWW (world wide web). Every domain name comes in the address of an IPv4 (Internet Protocol). Like Google’s IP address is But it is not possible to remember all the names of the websites in the number. That’s why all the website has a domain name, which is easy to remember. This is the format of a domain name. here,
http: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
www: World Wide Web
google: domain name
com: Domain Extension

There are so many rules to access the Internet. Http follows the same rules to access a website. There are lots of extensions to a domain name, such as Popular domain (.com, .net, .org), Country wise domain (.in, .uk, .us, .pk, etc.) and so on. You need a similar domain name to promote your blogging journey.

How to Select Best Domain Name?

I have already told you that the name or domain name of the blog is very important for your success. So these are some tips that will help you with a better and better domain name selection.

1. Your Main Topic

First, you have to think about what is the main topic of your blog, which you will share in your blog. It can be any topic, such as technology, fashion, travel, food, cooking, etc. You have the most knowledge about which you choose the subject.

2. Do not copy the Popular Domain

There are also some people who make a new domain name by adding something to the popular domain name. Those people think that if this name is popular then my name will also become popular, But in reality, this does not happen. If you want to identify yourself with the identity of others, then your identity will be formed, but a lot more.

3. Use Google

Do the same thing with the words in your blog, and use Google for it. You can easily search Google related to your topic related blog. From which you will find out how many blogs you like and what kind of blogs you want to create a blog, and how they are named. This will help you with domain name selection. Google will get this information from you, what people search for. If you name your blog above some search keywords then it’s even better. This will help you in the visitor lane.

4. Easy to speak

It is not necessary that your blog is in 2-3 words and you can do words related to your topic only. All you have to do is keep in mind that people who have chosen their name, can easily remember them., which is India’s most popular Technology blog, has no meaning at all. But this is small and there is a posture to remember. If you want you can take a unique name for the EC channel.

5. Always buy Top Level Domain (TLD)

People at the Top Level Domain are able to remember them easily. If you want to create your blog for the entire country logo, then buy .com, .net or .org. .com is the best and popular because people mostly think of any domain name first in .com itself. If you want to restrict it to your country only, then you can choose any country wise domain, such as .in, .uk, .us, etc., is also country wise domain, but it is not so popular

6. Not more than 3 words

If you are a regular Internet user, then it will be your notice that life also has popular websites. Everyone’s name is in 2-3 words. This is not a compulsory name for your name in 2-3 words too. You can do even more. But the small name is easy to remember.

Please check your domain name within 12 letters. hindime is in 5 letters, which is the best.

7. Most Important – Give some time

It is not that something came to your mind and you bought a domain name with that name right away. You should think at least 100 times before registering any name so that you do not have any problems with the same name. There are also many people who are shopping for a domain name and some days after blogging, they want to change it. This is also true. First of all, I have done this very often. So my advice is that, what I have done, I do not do it.

If you also want to start your blog and what name you keep it, then you can ask me. We are ready to help you in

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