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Download War Robot 3.6.0 Mod Apk for Android

Download War Robot 3.6.0 Mod Apk for Android

How to Install Mod

War Robots MOD APK is an Action Multiplayer TPS Android game from Pixonic LLC. It’s an online Multiplayer only game where Giant Mech Robots must fight against each other to the victory.there is no campaign MODE at all.Competing using Heavy Armored Mechs and Robots will surely feel like you are playing TITANFALL on Android.well, It’s a free Game but with MOD APK you will get an Unlimited premium account for free.New  Lunar New Year Update 3.5 arrived now you can keep all the paint jobs for life with MOD APK for Premium.

War Robots MOD APK 3.6.0 Android Premium Download

Q.1 How to Get Free VIP Premium and Unlimited Money in War Robots Android Hack?
A.1 Its simple.just install MOD APK and you will have the free premium account to get lots of money easily.Approx 50% more money and XP.

Q2. How to update War Robots MOD to Latest Version Android?
A.2 When new version will arrive game itself will take you to this post.when the update arrives let me know in the comments down below ill update the game very soon.

Robotic fun is far far away from Android gaming then War Robots MOD APK arrived on Android.First, this game was named as WALKING WAR ROBOTS but now they have renamed their game to War Robots. Giant robots fight to the death in each battle until the end of time or until all the robots have been destroyed.

Each team that wins will get handsome amount of silver money. but here you already have a premium activated MOD APK it means you can get more money than any other can use that money to upgrade your robots or buy newer one. silver money is easy to earn but premium money is hard to get.

There are about 21 robots which you can bring in the battle.some robots cost premium money and some regular.Their strength is different according to stats.some robots can jump so some robots can equip heavy armory.Some robots can walk faster so some heavy mechs walk so slow.

There are so many weapons to choose from like missiles, energy machines, and plasma guns. a futuristic PVP game which can help you lose some of your bored times.Its fun addictive and great way to get some competitive challenging battles.There is a premium account system which can be enabled using real money.a premium account holder can get massive XP and Money from battles.but here you will get Free Premium Account in War robots MOD APK so you can enjoy for an unlimited amount of days.

Version: 3.6.0


Download War Robot From Playstore
 Download WarRobot 3.6.0 Mod Apk    

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