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On-Page SEO Techniques To First Rank In Search 2018

On-Page SEO Techniques To First Rank In Search 2018

In this tutorial I will tell you how to increase your rank on google search by using on page SEO technique and increase your search ranking within 24 hours this is best on page SEO techniques is improve your search ranking and get you more visitor on your website or blog you can use this on page SEO techniques to increase your visitor on blogger or WordPress or other platforms.

I am divided on page SEO techniques in 10 parts you can read one by one part with care because if you miss any part of this post then you cannot rank your website in Google search engine.

1. Blog Post Title

Guys, you should keep your title length is under 65 word otherwise you lost your ranking and lost your
Google search.

2. Post Permalink Structure

You can take permalink structure like given example below because if you take permalink like this
permalink is also entered on the search engine and your search ranking improves and you are also
Alexa ranking is improved.

3. Heading Tags

Guys, you should enter your keyword in your title and also entered your same keyword in your headings, Subheadings, mirror headings.

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4.     Keyword Density

You should keep your keyword density around 1.5% and make a meaningful sentence with using LSI keyword  LSI means low search ranking keywords And don’t use more keywords in your headings and subheadings because Google is not allowed to do this and you also not got a Best rank on google search page.

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5. Meta Tags

You should use unique and relevant meta tag description for every post don’t spam on your meta tag description because Google is not allowed this and if you are doing spamming in the meta tag. You
need to write a friendly meta tag description.

6. Images

You can also use your keyword in your images because imagine that you lot of traffic on your blog or
website via Google image search

Keywords in the “image title” and the “alt text” help to make your blog post more focused and targeted.

7. Word Count Per Post

You can use that in your post using 1.5% keyword density law but you need to make your post in
500 words. 500 words is a minimum number of your post you can make it clear information because
Google is not rank your site if you do not make a post in 500 words and maximum and ideal words are 2000 in blog or website post.

8. Internal Linking

Link your post with your another post on your website like if you make a post of top 5 hacking apps
then you can relate your other post like top 2 best apps for Android this method called Linking.

9. External Linking

Internal linking is important for your blog or website to rank on search but external linking is most
important to rank your website on Google search because if you link your website to another website
then Google thinks this website has trusted a source.

10. Write Engaging Content

You should write engaging content. Don’t write false content and in this content because of your website engagement or decrease.

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