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Top 5 Best Free Cloud Storage Services 2018

1. OneDrive

onedrive is a service by Microsoft that started out as skydrive the service used to have 15 key bytes of free space but this was cut back to 5 gigabytes at the end of January 2016 bandwidth is unlimited files and folders can be shared privately and publicly through links onedrive has an easy use drag-and-drop interface with folders and search function using one drive web applications you can also view and edit documents spspreadsheet and presentation in your web browser one drive is not a bad service but the storage limit for new users is quit low at 15 gb they we’re at least competing with Google drive .

2. Dropbox

DropDropbox is a file hosting service based in the Us with Dropbox you get a measly 2gb of free space initially but with a basic account you can earn up to 16 gb by referring people to sign up for free account you get 500 Mb extra space per referral bandwidth for free basic accounts is limited to 20 gigabytes or 100,000 downloads and it’s throttled after that the interface is drag-and-drop and it’s fairly good and not too much difficult to use you can create folders if you want to organize your files and it has search function as well as files and folders can be shared with the public link and you can also invite people to collaborate and upload files to your account you can also make file requests that allow even people with out an account to upload files to your account dropbox. 

3. Google Drive

Google drive is google’s own file hosting service with google drive you get 15 gb of free space which applies to your entire Google account including gmail a bandwidth is technically unlimited but practically variable meaning you can’t really use google drive as a public file hosting service because specific files that get too many downloads will be throttled but it should be viable for use between friends or business clients.

4. Mega 

Mega is a cloud storage and file hosting service based in new Zealand it was started back in January 2013 by the infamous Kim column formerly known as king Schmitz or Kimballafter the US government shut down his previous file hosting service mega upload in 2012 in September 2013 Kim stepped down as CEO of mega and is no longer a shareholder in the company Kim revealed in July 2015. In Mega you get 50 gb of free storage and take gb of monthly bandwidth the drag-and-drop interface is pretty easy to navigate you can organize your files in folders. 

5. MediaFire

Mediafree is a texas-based cloud storage and file hosting service with mediafire you initially get 10gb of free space with the chance to earn 40gb more without paying any money for it for example by referring your friends you can get up to 32gb extra space downloading and installing their desktop and mobile apps gets you two gigabytes extra space each sharing the media fire website on Facebook and twitter get you another 1gb each . So, that’s it I hope you like this Post.

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